Polygamy Porter, Beard Of Zeus, And 22 Other Great Craft Beers With Oddball Names

Polygamy Porter, Beard of Zeus, and 22 Other Great Craft Beers with Oddball Names

Beard Beer, Fuego Jalapeño, Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout, Polygamy Porter...the list goes on and on. In some cases, the beer is named after its distinct flavor or its colorful origins. Its moniker might refer to special ingredients, or play off holidays or other special occasions. Other times, though, there is absolutely no apparent reason for the name.

One thing we do know is that oddball names don't mean oddball beer. These names might make you smile or scratch your head, but the beers they describe are the real thing.

Read on for 24 beer names you don't have to be tipsy to enjoy.

American Darling, Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project

The American Darling is a decoction-brewed, unfiltered, German-style beer. Using some of the world's greatest pilsner malt from Weyerman in Gamberg, Germany, Pretty Things Beer has mastered the pale lager. With 5.5 percent alcohol, it's the perfect mixture of heavy flavors and light taste, making it ideal for when the warmer weather comes.

Arrogant Bastard Ale, Stone Brewing Co.

Here's a nod to all of the people out there who think they know and love beer: Stone Brewing Co.'s Arrogant Bastard ale is not — in the words of Stone Brewing Co. — a "fizzy yellow beer." This is an aggressive ale that only the truest, most knowledgeable beer-lovers can appreciate. It's not quite a brown ale or an IPA; it's dark, but it's not a stout. If you're a lover of the tasteless yellow beverage that some people call beer, then Arrogant Bastard Ale isn't for you.

Bad Elf, Ridgeway Brewing

Who cares if the holidays are over? Clocking in at 12  percent ABV, Ridgeway Brewing's Bad Elf beer is one we don;'t need an excuse to enjoy. This imperial red ale is uncommonly potent for its type, but with the sugary-sweet caramel flavors, you'd never even know it.

Beard Beer, Rogue

This beer is named after exactly what you think it is: the beard on a person's face. There's no possible way this can be made with anything related to facial hair, right? Actually, this strange brew is made with beard yeast. That's all we're going to say.

Beard of Zeus, Shorts Brewing Company

Beard of Zeus is an India-style pale lager with a heaping amount of hops. Unlike with the Rogue Beer's Beard Beer, in this case the name doesn't stem from the ingredients. In the original recipe, Shorts Brewing masters heavily hopped the last batch of a Peaches and Crème blend with Zeus hops, then lagered it. Soon after this godly mixture was created, the Beard of Zeus was born.

Blind Pig IPA, Russian River Brewing Company

If you find yourself leaning towards hoppy beers, The Blind Pig IPA is worth trying. ("Blind pig" is an old term for speakeasy.) This is a full-bodied pine, and citrus beer with a fruity, yet bitter finish. The beer was originally brewed by Vinnie Cilurzo at Blind Pig Brewing Company, but unfortunately, the brewery didn't survive. Once Cilurzo settled down at Russian River Brewing, he brought the Blind Pig's recipe and name with him, and thus, Blind Pig IPA was created.

Blitzkrieg Hops Double IPA, Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company

Brewed entirely with English malts and hops, and fermented with an English ale yeast strain, the Blitzkrieg Hops Double IPA is what Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company calls an "homage to the birthplace of the IPA." The name is also inspired by The Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop." This IPA is a deep, big, and boozy (nine percent alcohol, to be exact) choice of beer.

BREW FREE! OR DIE IPA, 21st Amendment Brewery

BREW FREE! OR DIE IPA is a golden IPA that, according to the 21st Amendment Brewery, is brewed with West Coast attitude. The bitterness in this beer stems from its three different hops and malty backbone. This is the best-seller for 21st Amendment Brewery — whose own name, of course, references the constitutional amendment that ended Prohibition in the U.S. With that, it's the taste that matters most.

Can’t Fight The Funk Farmhouse IPA, BrewCult

Ever had a beer with a fruity, floral kick? BrewCult describes this beer as a "groovy blend of old world brewing and new world hopping." The Citra, Columbus, and Centennial hops are what give the beer its floral notes. We don't know about you, but after a few of these guys, we're making our way straight to the dance floor.

Coconut Curry Hefeweizen, New Belgium Brewery

Beer is often paired with spicy food because it balances out the heat. Having a beer with a curry dish is totally acceptable — in fact, it's quite tasty. But curry in your beer? New Belgium Brewery named this beer after its unique flavor, but does that mean it tastes good? Well, that's up to you. In case you were wondering, the beer does indeed taste like curry.

Dead Guy Ale, Rogue Beer

Here's a beer with a kick: This German Maibock has an amber color and a malty aroma. The tasty hops and spicy finish from Dead Guy Ale won't quite knock you off your feet, but a few too many just might.

Fire in the Ham, Jack’s Abby

Jack's Abby is trying to cater to the crazy carnivores out there — we get that. And considering hamburgers and beer taste so good together, we support the inspiration behind this beer. If you've been craving the aroma of an outdoor barbecue, the intense, smoky aromas of this beverage will bring the campfire right to you.

Fuego Jalapeño Pilsner, Tex Mex Beer

Jalapeño? What is this, a Mexican fiesta? Fuego means "fire," so it shouldn't come as a shock that this beer gets its name from its sizzling spices and warm finish. In the words of Tex Mex Beer, this pilsner is "the perfect way to inject some Tex Mex flavor into a classic beer."

Good Chit Pilsner, Rogue Beer

Unlike many of Rogue's peculiar, yet amusing beer names, the Good Chit Pilsner actually has meaning behind the name. Dedicated to farmers and fermenters across the country, this beer includes barley grown on Rogue Farms that is harvested and floor-malted in small batches of beer. Crack open a Good Chit Pilsner and cheers to farmers and fermenters.

Hibernation Ale, Great Divide Brewing Co.

As you probably guessed, this is a seasonal beer. If you're a homebody, particularly in the winter, you're in luck: Hibernation Ale was created intentionally for people looking to prepare for the winter, snuggle by a fire, and never leave home. After being aged for 12 months in whiskey barrels, once the winter comes around, this beer is more than ready to be enjoyed.

Hoppy Ending Pale Ale, Palo Alto Brewing Company

The Hoppy Ending Pale Ale is a traditional West Coast-style pale ale that is unfiltered and hoppy with a hint of citrus flavor. This complex, full-bodied beer is the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. Cap off your day with this beer and it will always guarantee a "hoppy" ending.

In Heat Wheat, Flying Dog Brewery

We'll be honest: We have no idea where the In Heat Wheat got its name (though it's obviously a dog reference), and given the context, we're not sure we want to find out. With its German-style flavored malt and banana and clove notes, though, we're still willing giving it a try.

Leafer Madness, Beer Valley Brewing Company

Created during the great hop shortage of 2008, the Leafer Madness is an ode to hop-lovers everywhere. Crafted by Beer Valley Brewing Company, it's brewed with two-row malt, Munich malt, and multiple hop varieties. After enjoying this beer, you'll never be short on hops again.

Oatmeal Yeti, Great Divide Brewing Co.

Nothing is more satisfying than a warm bowl of oatmeal with a steaming cup of coffee, so, why not apply this experience to happy hour? Thanks to the Great Divide Brewing Company, you can enjoy oatmeal any time of day — even if it's at the bar!

Old Leghumper Porter, Thirsty Dog Brewing

Yes, you read that right: Thirsty Dog Brewing Company named a beer in honor of a "leg humper." Don't be too quick to judge, though, for the entire collection is named after dog-like behavior and breeds, including Barktoberfest, Citra Dog, Irish Setter Red, and Labrador Lager. This beer in particular is a deep-roasted, robust, and malty beer with a sweet taste, so don't knock it before you try it.

Polygamy Porter, Wasatch Brewery

If you know anything about Utah's Mormon population, then you might not be surprised that the Polygamy Porter is only four percent alcohol. But it's smooth and chocolaty taste makes up for it. This dark, easy-to-drink porter is sure to be loved by many, and as Wasatch Brewery suggests, "Take it home to the wives!"

Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout, Foothills Brewing

As soon as this beer was slated to release, fans were lining up outside the North Carolina brewery days in advance just to guarantee a taste of the Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout. Released in honor of Valentine's Day in 2014, this beer has a heavy chocolate and coffee flavor, along with rich molasses and sweet toffee notes.

Voodoo Doughnut Lemon Chiffon Crueller Ale, Rogue Beer

Rogue Beer and Voodoo Doughnut came together to create a lemony, sweet, and distinctive beer that may not be your favorite, but it's definitely worth trying. Complete with lemon juice, marshmallow, and vanilla flavoring, we'd argue that you should have a go at drinking this beer, if only just to say you did.

Zonker Stout, Snake River Brewing

Snake River Brewing describes its Zonker Stout as a rich, well-balanced, foreign style stout with heaping amounts of roasted barley. If we had to take a guess as to why the brewery named the beer "Zonker Stout," we'd guess that it's because the chocolate, black, and caramel flavors will zonk you.