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It may be cliché, but we love Hawaiian themed anything. Who wouldn't be on board for anything that's reminiscent of paradise? Mixologist, Chris Cardone at New York's I Sodi, has a bodacious Bulldizzle Swizzle cocktail which combines two major trends happening in the industry; the tiki concept and Sherry. Says Cardone, 'tiki has been seriously hot for a few years now, but it's certainly not losing steam, while the use of Sherry in cocktails is scorching hot in the Northeast right now.' We couldn't agree more.

Click here for the Bulldizzle Swizzle recipe.

Monkey's Paw

Ingredient/ Trend: Combining classic cocktails and the tiki craze

Bar manager of Los Angeles, General Lee's Cocktail House, Christopher Day , reflects on the funky Money's Paw.  "This drink was made to ring in the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese calendar. Current trends, Monkey's Paw bridges the gap between two common trends we see today: classic cocktails and the tiki craze. The former celebrates the meticulous technique and artfulness of marrying relatively few ingredients in perfect harmony to create a simple, yet sophisticated beverage (think old fashioned, daiquiri, or martini), whereas the latter celebrated the funky, complex and rich flavors of the rums, fruits and tropical flare of the Caribbean. The cocktail brings these two concepts together in its relatively simple make up. It's flavor is layered, deep and sophisticated, but at the same time surprisingly playful, refreshing and funky."

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Paris Between the Wars

Ingredient/ Trend: Smoky flavors and bitter aperitifs

Don't be afraid of a bit of smoky flavors in your tipples. In fact, Abigail Gullo of Compere Lapin  is often asked to include this element in her cocktails. 'Smoky is a term I hear guests use a lot when asking for a cocktail.' Gullo continues, 'they also are keen on bitter aperitifs such as Aperol and Campari and their refreshing spritz variations. This cocktail combines these trends I see in my guest's requests. Paris Between the Wars is an unlikely blend that transcends the sum for its parts. Smoke, sour, bitter and crisp refreshing tartness all come together in perfect harmony.'

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Rose Colored Glasses

Ingredient/ Trend: Low proof alcohol and elaborate garnishes

Kate Gerwin, bartender at Humpback Sally's in Bismarck, N.D. comments, "these days making a 'good' drink just doesn't cut it. Bartenders are taking time to select the perfect glass, create eye catching garnishes, and present cocktails that are memorable, and of course, ready for social media." Gerwin continues, "this drink plays on the idea that alcohol gives you 'rose colored glasses' where you see the world in a better light. But we decided to play on another aspect of that, and a trend that is sweeping across bars, and that is the low alcohol cocktail. Combining low proof spirits to create a delicious cocktail that can be enjoyed without fear of the obvious consequences of having one too many fabulous libations."

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Sakura Old Fashioned

Ingredient/ Trend: Yuzu

Yuzu is considered culinary gold in both the kitchen and bar. Although, it isn't directly eaten, its juice and zest contribute sour, tart and very fragrant aromas to dishes and cocktails alike. It's a great complement to New York's KOA's take on the classic Old Fashioned. Shaken with bourbon, cherry blossom bitters and bitters, the sipper is the answer to your end-of the-day relaxation.

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