Healthiest And Unhealthiest Juice Boxes For Kids

When you're a kid, lunch is one of the most anticipated moments of the day. Not only do you get to take a break from camp or school and sit with your friends, you also get to dive into a goldmine of tasty treats, handcrafted especially for you.

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What was your favorite part of lunch as a child? No matter if your meal included a tasty PB&J with no crust or a satisfying pack of string cheese, there's one thing that every kid on the block's lunchbox had in common: a juice box.

Take a moment and think about your preferred childhood juice brand. Once you've got your favorite picked out, try to remember why you liked it so much. Chances are, your favorite juicy childhood drink was so appealing because it was full of flavor. We're not here to burst your bubble, but there's a reason why your "healthy" juice box tasted so divine: It was loaded with sugar.

Unfortunately, a lot of juice brands that are labeled "healthy" or "100 percent juice" are made with large amounts of sugar hiding in the juice concentrates and unwanted chemicals. Don't let the labels and ingredient lists fool you, because "no added sugar" or "100 percent juice" doesn't necessarily mean there's no sugar at all, or that it's made with all natural fruit juice.

Take a look at our roundup of some of the healthiest and unhealthiest juice boxes (with a few pouches and bottles added) for kids' lunchboxes, and keep an eye out for high sugar contents and unnecessary chemicals.

Capri Sun Coastal Cooler

Capri Sun is a classic brand. However, with 13 grams of sugar in only 5.9 ounces of juice, you might want to reconsider adding it to your kid's lunch. Sugar is the second ingredient on the label (after water), which should be a huge red flag for mothers.

Capri Sun Coastal Cooler ingredients: filtered water, sugar, apple juice concentrate, citric acid, strawberry juice concentrate, and natural flavor.

Minute Maid Apple White Grape Juice Box

With its well-known line of lemonade products, Minute Maid has a reputation as being suitable for both adults and children. Though the calorie count on the juice boxes are under 100, each box includes a hefty 20 grams of sugar.

Minute Maid Apple White Grape Juice Box ingredients: water, apple juice concentrate, grape juice concentrate, natural flavors, ascorbic acid (vitamin C).