Cold? Warm Up With These Hot Drinks For Winter Days

It happens year after year. In the steamy summer, we long for the crisp chill of winter, and when winter rears its snowy, icy, windy head, we pine for summer again. The seasons are truly a double-edged sword. One of the upsides to winter weather is lots of comfort food, woolen sweaters, turning on ovens to bake without breaking a sweat in the kitchen, and of course, cozying up with hot drinks by the fire.

Warm Up with These Hot Drinks for Winter Days (Slideshow)

No matter what your flavor may be, there is a hot drink to comfort, soothe, and indulge you. Remember, coffee isn't for everyone, bless those under-caffeinated souls. Some prefer hot chocolate, while others are all about herbal tea, and there are scores of other warm seasonal drinks to get us through the season. In this day and age, those frothy, rich, and steamy drinks are available in dozens upon dozens of different varieties and flavors.

The world of coffee alone is unbelievably varied, with lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and au laits, just to name a few. You pick your poison and it's available at a moment's notice, and while you could hit up the coffee shop for any number of drinks, you can just as easily cook up a hot drink in your own kitchen, saving money and promoting creativity — because, really, who wants to go outside by choice in this weather (even if there's drive-through)?

Need some inspiration to get cooking? Here are some great ideas and recipes for hot drinks to create in your own kitchen and keep warm all through the bitter, cold winter.

California Sweet Potato Latte

Photo Credit: Flickr/krypteanite

Turning sweet potatoes into a hot drink may seem unusual, but the results are worth it. Just think about that sweet potato pie you had at Thanksgiving; now imagine it steaming hot, spiced, and delicious. There's no way you'll be able to resist this sweet potato latte.

Classic Hot Chocolate

Photo Credit: iStock/Thinkstock

Anyone with a sweet tooth always needs a really nice, classic hot chocolate recipe in the back pocket. You know, for emergencies. This version is rich, creamy, and oh-so-chocolaty.