Coffee Drone Could Predict When You Need A New Cup — And Deliver It

What good is technology if it can't keep us caffeinated? A new patent obtained by IBM for a coffee drone with artificial intelligence capabilities could change how we get our java in the workplace, and beyond. Not only would the drone deliver coffee directly to people, whether alone or in a group, it would also be able to predict who needs it most.

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According to The Spoon, the patent, called "Drone delivery of coffee based on a cognitive state of an individual," can tell when you're getting tired by certain body indicators. Some of those include their electronic calendar, blood pressure, facial expression, and gestures such as a drooping head or closing eyelids. Based on this assessment, the patent states that "the drone proactively and automatically delivers coffee to one or more recipients, for example who are in a large office complex."

Yes, this means that in exchange for the drone knowing things about you like your sleep patterns and schedule, you could potentially walk into work, sit down at your desk and be presented with a steaming hot cup of your favorite type of coffee. The patent claims that over time, the drone "can learn times and places at which an individual tends to prefer coffee," and adjust its deliveries accordingly.

While cynics may see this as a futuristic bid to keep office workers caffeinated around the clock, the patent focuses on delivery only to those who actually want or need coffee—and it will be able to tell the difference. There's a provision for not serving those taking medications that interact poorly with caffeine, and even for delivering coffee faster to asthma patients, since it may help with their breathing! This coffee drone might even be able to tell who prefers cold brew instead of iced coffee.

Munchies reports that a few coffee drones already exist, but none with the smart technology IBM has documented to predict who really, really needs that brew the most.

It's unclear whether IBM plans to actually introduce this coffee drone onto the market or use it in their own workplaces, but just the idea is enough to perk us up.

Social media users were excited about the prospect of a coffee drone to deliver their cup of joe. One man wrote, "Normally I'm not a Big Blue fan, but this may be what I've always needed."

Not everyone was thrilled at the prospect, however. Toronto coffee roasting company Alternative Grounds urged users to "Say no to the coffee drone."

If you've ever been too tired (or lazy) to get up and pour yourself a cup of coffee, this drone could be the answer to your hot beverage prayers.

We already have a variety of the food delivery drones to satisfy our cravings. If we can get burritos and sushi via drone, why shouldn't coffee lovers get their fix this way too? Those of us who prefer to get coffee from a human the old-fashioned way will probably still seek out the best coffee shop in your state.