Green Tea from Aloe, Coconut Water, and Healthy Drinks Around the World (Slideshow)

Aloe, Coconut Water, and Healthy Drinks Around the World (Slideshow)

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Green Tea


Hot or cold, this Asian tea has plenty of anti-oxidants and hydrates nearly as well as water.

Click here for our Green Tea Brewing Process recipe.

Warm Water with Lemon


This simple concoction hydrates, detoxes and cleans the liver... everyone should have this as soon as they wake up.

Almond Milk


Low in fat, high in minerals, vitamins, and calcium... almond milk is what really does the body good.

Water with Cucumber and Zucchini


Cut some slices of cucumber and zucchini and allow them to soak in a pitcher of water for a few hours... their high water content and vitamins replenish the body and will make you feel refreshed.

Berry Smoothie with Chia Seeds


Chia seeds were used by Aztec warriors on the battlefield to increase stamina, endurance, and strength. Berries pack a punch with flavor, anti-oxidants and vitamins.

Click here for our Chia Seed Smoothie recipe.

Watermelon Juice


Originally from southern Africa, thirst-quenching watermelon fruit has a high water content — and is packed with beta-carotene, lycopene, and many vitamins.

Click here for our Watermelon Juice recipe.

Green Smoothie


There are so many types, but I like spinach, kiwi, cilantro, and bell peppers with flax and chia seeds.... it rehydrates you in no time!

Click here for our Lean Mean Green Smoothie recipe.



This refreshing drink is popular in Latin America and Spain. It is made from rice, tiger nuts, or ground almonds.

Click here for our Horchata recipe.



This raw, fermented, probiotic tea originated in Northeast China. It is high in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants.

Click here for our Kombucha recipe.

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Aloe, Coconut Water, and Healthy Drinks Around the World