Is Absolut Gluten-Free?

Absolut is the world's leading brand of premium vodka. All of its ingredients are locally sourced near their distillery in Åhus, a tiny town in southern Sweden. They focus on purity, sustainability, and community when making their product.

For people with celiac disease or people with a gluten allergy, gluten is almost always a consideration when ordering food and drinks. And while gluten-free foods aren't always healthier, they are certainly more rare.

One might not think of vodka as glutenous, since it's a clear liquid and not something obviously made of wheat like, say, bread. But some vodka brands use wheat to make the liquor, resulting in the presence of gluten.

Some vodka brands don't use wheat, however — Tito's uses yellow corn, Cîroc uses grapes. It can be hard to tell which brands are safe for people who can't eat gluten and which are not.

Is Absolut gluten-free? Unfortunately for celiac sufferers — no, Absolut is not gluten-free. Absolut is made from white wheat sourced near the brand's factory in Sweden.

If you're looking for gluten-free vodka that still tastes great, you might want to try one of these.