9 Guilt-Free Hot Drinks To Enjoy All Winter Long

9 Guilt-Free Hot Drinks to Enjoy All Winter Long

Preparing a guilt-free version of your favorite hot beverage is easier than you think. Take hot chocolate, for example. In order to enjoy hot chocolate without excess sugar and calories, all you need to do is try a lower calorie dairy alternative (like almond milk) and use cocoa powder without added sugar.

Generally, if you're looking to enjoy a hot holiday beverage with no remorse, all you have to do is steer clear of ingredients that are high in fat, have added sugars, and extra booze. (A little won't hurt, as long as you don't go overboard.) We know this is typically easier said than done, but we found a list of guilt-free hot drinks for you and your guests to enjoy all holiday season long.

Read on for nine guilt-free hot drinks to enjoy all winter long.

Fireside Mulled Cider

If you're counting calories, drinking mulled cider can be risky. A way to avoid excess calories is to watch out for a lot of added alcohol. If you insist on still sipping cider, here's a healthier option with less sugar and fewer calories.

Click here for the Fireside Mulled Cider recipe.

Healthy Hot Chocolate

Yes, there is such thing as healthy hot chocolate. How is that possible, you ask? Replace your regular milk with almond milk, use unsweetened cocoa powder rather than sweetened, and use raw sugar. Remember: The smallest changes can make the biggest difference.

Click here for the Healthy Hot Chocolate recipe.

Honey, Honey Toddy

Finally, a hot toddy recipe that isn't filled with unnecessary calories! Though this recipe calls for honey-infused bourbon, it also calls for honey green tea, creating the perfect balance.

Click here for the Honey, Honey Toddy recipe.

Low-Calorie Mulled Wine

If you're hosting a holiday party, mulled wine is a must-have. Save your guests from consuming their entire daily calorie intake from cocktails by serving this low-calorie mulled wine recipe.

Click here for the Low-Calorie Mulled Wine recipe.

Low-Fat Warm Eggnog

Unfortunately, your average cup of eggnog can really bust your waistline. Not to fear, for there are low-fat eggnog recipes — with skim milk and less cream — that will allow you to sip on this holiday staple without feeling guilty. To enjoy this recipe as a hot drink, prepare it on the stove and serve it immediately after it's ready.  

Click here for the Low-Fat Warm Eggnog recipe.

Mistletoe Mulled Wine

Cheers to the holidays with this low-fat and low-sodium mulled wine recipe. This flavorful drink — featuring cabernet sauvignon and cinnamon — is sure to be a hit at your next holiday party.

Click here for the Mistletoe Mulled Wine recipe.

Mulled Cider Tea

Everyone knows that tea offers plenty of health benefits. Try including it in your next mulled cider recipe to create a tasty, low-calorie, and healthy drink for the holidays.

Click here for the Mulled Cider Tea recipe.

Peppermint Hot Cocoa

This recipe has half the calories of most store-bought hot cocoa brands, but it still tastes just as rich and chocolatey. Get the best of both worlds by preparing this unique, healthy peppermint hot cocoa recipe.

Click here for the Peppermint Hot Cocoa recipe.

Spiced Red Chocolate

The bourbon is this drink doesn't necessarily make it healthy, but the sugar-free hot chocolate in the recipe makes it healthier than most. Swap out your average cup of cocoa for this sugar-free and spicy hot chocolate recipe.

Click here for the Spiced Red Chocolate Recipe.