10 Delicious Ways to Amp Up Your Cup of Joe from 10 Delicious Ways to Amp Up Your Cup of Joe

10 Delicious Ways to Amp Up Your Cup of Joe

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Roast it right

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10 Delicious Ways to Amp Up Your Cup of Joe

Coffee is a popular drink because it can be enjoyed in many ways. Though it’s easy to appreciate just as it is, why not take something great and make it that much better? Start channeling your inner barista; here are some tricks that will bring your average batch of coffee to the next level.

Forget mere sugar; why not transform your cup into a delectable dessert? Better yet, a hint of Baileys along with a few other ingredients can morph your cup of Joe into a classy cocktail within minutes.

Whether it’s over ice or as a mocha — we’ve come up with 10 ways you can take coffee to the next level.

Baileys Irish Cream

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Break out the Baileys Irish Cream

This may not be the best tactic for waking up and getting your day started, but it will really wind you down at the end of the day. If you’re looking for a sweet treat to sip on before you snuggle into a snooze, try the Baileys Afternoon Delight. Yes, it's coffee, but don’t worry — the Bailey’s counteracts the caffeine, making it the perfect beverage to enjoy before bed.

Coffee cocktails


Create a cocktail

Here’s another boozy way to give your coffee a serious revamp. The coffee in this cocktail will wake you up, but the moonshine will make you feel mellow. Drink the Café du Catnip Cocktail as dessert.

Different coffee flavors


Get Fancy with Flavors

We’re not talking about the crazy cotton-candy flavors that Starbucks has tried — just classic additions. Craving something earthy and sweet? Try a hazelnut blend. Sound too dark? There are lighter options available, such as French vanilla. Find a brand of flavored coffee you like and explore each option they have to offer.  

Coffee milkshake


Make it a Milkshake

Turning it into a milkshake makes coffee rich and luxurious. Take a look at this espresso milkshake recipe for a coffee variation that will taste fantastic and keep you energized.

Mocha espresso


Make it a Mocha

Mocha is basically a shot or two of espresso with cocoa powder and steamed milk added, a satisfying but comparatively light dessert drink. Take a look Starbucks’ take on the mocha to get some inspiration.

Pumpkin spice


Pour in the Pumpkin

Pumpkin spice has become a nationwide emblem of fall, available in  many forms — but of course it all started with coffee, in the form of the famous Starbucks pumpkin spice latté. Here’s how you can make a Pumpkin Spice Latte at home.

Iced coffee


Put it Over Ice

Adding ice to your coffee effects more than a temperature change — it alters the aroma and flavor of the coffee and quite possibly the mindset of the person drinking it. When coffee is hot, it provides a warm and comfortable feeling that makes you want to get cozy by the fire. An iced coffee, on the other hand, is bracing and will put a little pep in your step because you don’t have to wait for it to cool. Slurp it down quickly and get your day going in no time with an iced coffee!

Roasting coffee right

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Roast It Right

This tactic doesn’t include adding anything, because the perfect cup of coffee begins with the way it’s prepared. If you’re brewing your coffee wrong and you switch to the right way, your morning cup will taste completely different. There’s nine steps to brewing the perfect cup of coffee — take a look at a full list of instructions here.

Coffee syrups

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Splash in the Syrup

If you’re counting calories, add syrup with caution. It’s high in calories (one ounce of Torani caramel syrup contains about 80). On the other hand, if you add just a splash of syrup and nothing else — no cream, no sugar — to your coffee, a little here and there won’t bust your waistline. If you’re making your own, just add in one pump; if you're ordering in a coffee shop, don't be shy about asking for a single dose.

Soy milk


Splurge with Soy

If you love milk in your coffee but you feel guilty about adding extra dairy, soy is the solution. Soy milk will give your coffee the same texture milk does. Think of it as a healthier way to enjoy milk in your coffee.

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10 Delicious Ways to Amp Up Your Cup of Joe