10 Beer and Comfort Food Pairings

If you try these pairings, drinking beer will never be the same
Food and Beer

Thinkstock & Photo Modified: Flickr / Bernt Rostad / CC BY 4.0

Everything goes with beer, but comfort food might be the best option.

Wine and cheese is a nice combination, but the cold holiday weather leaves us craving comfort food that goes beyond a cheese plate. Sure, you could taste reds until your lips turn purple, but what really goes great with a warming and heavy meal is a hearty brew. That’s right, we’re talking beer.

10 Beer and Comfort Food Pairings (Slideshow)

When you think about it, you’ve been doing this for years. What were you sipping when that Easy Mac was steaming away in the microwave during your college years? Beer. What was on your table during Friday night alongsidedelivery pizza? Beer. The flavors — and comfort — of these items just go together.

Since the explosion of the craft beer industry, the flavors of beer go way beyond the pale lagers of old-school Budweiser. Now, there are floral notes, herb additions, and different types of body and texture to consider.

In general, light beers will work with lighter foods, and heavier foods — like Shepherd’s Pie and meat-and-sauce dishes — go better with dark beers.

Everyone enjoys a beer with dinner at the end of the day, but the pairings don’t stop with that. You can easily transition your tasting to dessert by choosing the right beer for your sweet tooth. You can even make dessert with beer. Beer float, anyone?


Ready to get your brew and comfort food on? Whether it’s just a type of blend or a specific flavor from a brand, read on for the 10 best pairings.