Deliciously Creepy Cocktails for Your Halloween Party

These ghoulish cocktails are perfect for your upcoming Halloween party

Make your Halloween party extra creepy with these cocktails.

It’s hard to believe, but summer is over and the first cold-weather holiday to tackle is Halloween. As kids, this holiday was marked by scary masks, endless hours of trick-or-treating, and sugar highs that lasted for days. It was a sad day when we retired Hocus Pocus to the basement with the rest of our VHS tapes and kiddie Halloween costumes but somehow the Halloween spirit just keeps creeping up every October. Now as adults, we’re starting to get back into the swing of the ghoulish holiday spirit, but we’ve switched out candy for cocktails — call it an adult special treat. Pumpkin beer and red wine get played out on Halloween and aren’t even that creative or scary. No one's saying that a little fake blood on the bar won’t add some fright to your party, but we think you can do better than that. 

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If you’re like us here at The Daily Meal, you can't wait for the entertaining aspects of this spooky holiday. There’s nothing like decking out the house with fake spiderwebs and hiding plastic rats behind couches to scare your friends. But when the cobwebs clear, you still need a standout menu of drinks that will keep your guests in the creepy holiday spirit and not leave a bad taste in their mouths. We were lucky enough to get some scarily delicious cocktails from Hornitos Tequila, Basil Hayden’s Bourbon, Cruzan Rum, EFFEN Vodka, Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey, and Sauza Tequila to share. These recipes will keep your guests coming back to the bar, and also offer a little of extra spook at your Halloween party.

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Click here to see the EFFEN Vodka Spiced Pumpkin



Click here to see the Kilbeggan Masquerade Mixer Recipe


Click here to see the Sauza Candy Corn Margarita 


Click here to see the Red Wedding Recipe

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