Craft Brew Site Pits Romney Beer Against Obama Beer

Beer promotion more evenly matched than most food-based polls
Facebook/Blue Point Brewing

People really love trying to predict election results by having foods face off as stand-ins for the candidates. President Obama has been leading most food-based election polls by a wide margin, but craft beer site Beerjobber’s special promotion pits a pro-Romney beer against a pro-Obama one, and the results have been surprisingly even.

Recent polls have shown that beer drinkers love politics and tend to vote Republican, so it’s not too surprising that a beer-based poll would return different results than most other food-based surveys.

Standing in for Governor Romney is the "Nobama Brew" from Oklahoma City-based Huebert Brewing. The brew is a bit light on specifics regarding what it actually tastes like, but according to the site it’s a wheat brew “infused with the refreshing taste of patriotism and freedom.” The brew weighs in at 7.5-percent alcohol by volume, which means Romney couldn’t actually drink it, but he probably appreciates the sentiment.

Of course President Obama is represented by a brew based on the White House Porter, the “Entitlement Porter” from Long Island-based Blue Point Brewing, which is made with two hop varietals and four kinds of malt and is described by its brewers as being well-balanced with "notes of espresso and toffee." 

According to The Huffington Post, Beerjobber founder Sean Nevins came up with the idea for the beer face-off when he realized he was the only company distributing both beers throughout the country. Both beers sell for $9.95 per bottle, and there’s also a $19.95 “undecided pack” with one of each.

An informal poll on the Beerjobber blog showed more than 80 percent of responders clicking the button saying they would vote for Obama, but that trend didn’t correlate to sales, which Nevins said have been pretty even. Each of the three purchase options accounted for about a third of sales.

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The Entitlement Porter has since sold out, taking the undecided pack with it, but there are still a few Nobama bottles available.