Here’s the Scoop on M&M’s Easter Sundae Flavor

Candy is described as a white center surrounded by milk chocolate

Easter Sundae is a Walmart exclusive flavor.

Following its introduction of two limited-edition Valentine’s Day-themed flavors, M&M’s introduces Easter Sundae, its limited-time Easter offering for Walmart. Consumerist says, “The snack wizards over at M&M HQ now have to crank out multiple holiday flavors of their candy-coated chocolate treats every season, because different retailers want their own custom flavors.”

Easter Sundae, an artificial flavor, is described as having a “white center surrounded by milk chocolate.” It is unclear as to whether this ‘white’ center implies the presence and taste of white chocolate. Consumerist points out that the Food and Drug Administration has a Standard of Identity for White Chocolate, which are minimums that need to be met in order for foods to be called “white chocolate.” This standard might be to blame for the confusing product description on the outside packaging.


Easter Sundae M&M’s will be available exclusively at Walmart, at a suggested retail price of $2.00 for an eight-ounce bag, according to The Huffington Post.