These Upcoming Triple Chocolate M&M’s Sound Divine, but There’s a Catch

The newly announced triple-layered M&M’s candies won’t be coming out until Valentine’s Day 2018

We’ll be counting down the days.

Calling all chocoholics! The latest M&M flavor from Mars Inc. is calling your name. Triple Chocolate M&M’s feature a triple-layered chocolatey center described as “milk chocolate surrounded by layers of both white chocolate and dark chocolate.” That’s a lot to pack into one tiny candy, but we’re already drooling.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until February 2018 to try them: These candies were leaked on the Instagram account @JunkBanter and will be officially announced as part of a Valentine’s Day candy lineup in early 2018, most likely. We can’t think of a more romantic gift to give your sweetie.

M&M’s will also be releasing a Valentine’s Day version of caramel M&M’s featuring caramel insides surrounded by red, pink, and white candy shells. If you’re too antsy to wait until February, luckily the fall will bring white pumpkin pie M&M’s with a white chocolate and pumpkin-y center, perfect for the autumn season.


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