You Can Make A Gluten-Free Pizza Crust That Is Just As Good As Regular Pizza

Giving up gluten doesn't mean you are forever supposed to endure cardboard flavored versions of your favorite pizzas. Gluten-free can still be delicious, which is why we are sharing with you a recipe for gluten-free pizza dough that is just as delicious as regular crust.

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Anyone who is gluten-free has most likely tried the cauliflower crust, which supposedly tastes as good as real bread, but this crust is actual bread making it that much more delicious.

For the recipe you will need a few special ingredients that can be found at most health stores or well-stocked grocery stores.  The crust is made from a combination of sorghum and millet flour, as well as potato and tapioca starch.

For the gluten-y stretch essential for any pizza crust, this recipe adds guar gum to give it the perfect elasticity. Let the dough rise, and toss your pizza like a pro for a delicious gluten-free dinner. Check out the recipe here.


Angela Carlos is the Cook Editor at The Daily Meal. Find her on Twitter and tweet @angelaccarlos.