Why You Should Be Eating Ugly Fruit

Ugly fruit doesn't exactly look beautiful in our fruit bowls, but while we display unblemished banana and pears, we should consider what ugly fruit can do for us. Ugly fruit is just as nutritious, sometimes tastes riper, and when you adjust your perceptions, actually looks pretty cool. So next time you think of passing up that lopsided grapefruit at the farmers market or instinctively toss the slightly bruised apple, think about the ugly fruit. If you're willing to give ugly fruit a try, check out these fruitful recipes.

Fruit Dip

Use ugly fruit to make fruit dip for your next party. Your favorite fruit takes a dip in creamy vanilla yogurt that's sweetened with a pinch of brown sugar for pure over-the-top delight.
For the Fruit Dip recipe, click here.

Fruit Hand Pies

Pick your favorite ugly fruit for these sweet and fruity hand pies dusted with cookie crumbs. Use premade pie crust dough, or make Whole Foods' Classic Pie Crust.
For the Fruit Hand Pies recipe, click here.

Fruit Jellies

You don't need to love the way fruit looks to purée it. These fruit jellies taste similar to your favorite candy: Dots.
For the Fruit Jellies recipe, click here.

Fruit Leather

Fruit leather makes just as good of a snack whether you use perfect fruit or ugly fruit. We recommend making a double batch — this stuff tends to fly!
For the Fruit Leather recipe, click here.

Fruit Soufflé

Use that ugly pear or blend some misshapen peaches for a perfect fruit soufflé. This recipe comes from chef Michael Gabriel, pastry chef at Rock Center Café and the Sea Grill. It's versatile enough you can use any type of fruit purée.
For the Fruit Soufflé recipe, click here.

Passion Fruit Caipirnha

Have some ugly passion fruit lying around? Make a cocktail. The caipirinha can be sipped at sultry summertime parties or during the cold winter months; its tropical flavors transcend all seasons. We used fresh passion fruit for this cocktail.
For the Passion Fruit Caipirnha recipe, click here.

Sneaky Berry Fruit Pops

You can use ugly avocado and ugly fruit in these colorful summer pops. With all the fiber and nutrients hidden in this ice pop, it's a perfect mini meal to keep your kids happy between lunch and dinner.
For the Sneaky Berry Fruit Pops recipe, click here.