What to Substitute for Chipotle During Their Food Safety Scare

The Daily Meal shares recipes and tips for making Chipotle favorites at home
What to Substitute for Chipotle During Their Food Safety Scare


Enjoy this Chipotle-style burrito at home.

Chipotle has been plagued by food scare after food scare this year, causing its loyal fan base to think twice about chowing down on tacos, burritos, and more from the ubiquitous fast casual Mexican food chain.

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Unfortunately for the chain that rose to popularity because of its emphasis on fresh produce and meat, its traditional cooking methods come at a price — human error and a greater risk of widespread foodborne illnesses.

Although Chipotle has released plans to modify its menu to reduce the risk of more E. coli outbreaks, it will take a few weeks for all of the proposed changes to take effect. In the meantime, we have a few DIY recipes to help stave of those burrito bowl cravings while Chipotle completes its menu changes.

To make it through these dark times, we suggest working on your burrito rolling skills and checking out these recipes for a burrito bowl and a classic rolled burrito.

Better-Than-Chipotle Burrito

Better-Than-Chipotle Burrito

Jane Bruce

Subtract or add your favorite toppings to make this recipe your own.

This is not a hate on Chipotle, because boy do I love the stuff, but when I was asked to create a burrito recipe, I couldn't help but try and replicate theirs. I based this recipe exactly off my order at Chipotle — a chicken fajita burrito — and I did the leg work and interviewed a former employee of the chain to get the scoop. That's when I learned that Chipotle is so good, they even keep most of their recipe secrets from their employees, too. Because of that, a lot of this was based off of instinct, but I was happy to hear that my burritos tasted even better than Chipotle's. — Anne Dolce

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Chipotle-Style Steak Burrito Bowls

Chipotle-Style Steak Burrito Bowls


Add your favorite protein to this burrito bowl to customize it.

“Be sure to perfect the juicy hanger steak and cilantro-lime rice,” says recipe creator Drew Colbert. You will get that same Chipotle taste from your own kitchen, and you won’t miss the long lines.

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