What to Do If The Soup's Too Salty and 9 Other Cooking Hacks

Easy fixes for simple cooking mistakes that happen all the time
What to Do If The Soup's Too Salty and 9 Other Cooking Hacks


Here a chef seasons his stir-fried vegetables. You can avoid mistakes like adding too much salt to food by tasting your food throughout the cookings process.

It’s a cold winter day and you’ve been slaving over the stove sautéing and steeping spices until your warming soup is finally ready. One taste and your mouth dries up like the Sahara — too much salt! Even a seasoned cook makes mistakes in the kitchen, but knowing how to salvage your meal will save you hours of frustration in the kitchen.

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Often the fix for a botched dinner is easier than you think — a dash of this or a pinch of that. Whether you are battling a soup too salty, a sauce too spicy, or bitter greens we have nine tips, tricks, and mealtime fixes that will ensure dinner is delicious.

There is rarely a catastrophic mistake that can be tweaked to taste. With that in mind, next time you encounter one of these common cooking snafus, don’t panic because you will have the know-how to correct too much spice, clumpy rice, uneven cakes, and more.

Add these helpful tips to your ever growing list of cooking hacks you can’t live without because mistakes will happen, but that doesn’t mean dinner will be ruined.


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