Béchamel Sauce from 5 Sauces That Will Spruce Up Your Cooking Slideshow

5 Sauces That Will Spruce Up Your Cooking Slideshow

Ellen Silverman
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Béchamel Sauce

As one of the traditional mother sauces, Holmberg says that béchamel was often grumbled about when she studied cooking in Paris. Even though so many of her classmates found it annoying to make, most of them couldn’t make a decent one, she claimed, because it’s hard not to turn béchamel sauce into glue. To get over the boredom of it, consider this sauce your point of pride, because you’ve grasped the art of a roux (butter and flour cooked together), and have cooked it to its perfect point of nuttiness without making the sauce too thick. If you can’t master a béchamel, the only grumbling that’ll take place will be from your guests about your gummy Alfredo sauce

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