Ways You've Been Cooking Backyard Burgers All Wrong

It's that time of year — the sun is out (most of the time), the weather is warming up, and you finally have a reason to roll the grill that has been gathering dust since last year out into your backyard or onto your fire escape (tsk tsk).

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Perhaps you are a natural, making your own marinades and twirling your tongs like a pro. Maybe you can get your grill fired up on the first try, sans any lighting aids, creating a perfectly balanced landscape of both hot spots and cool upon which to grill all afternoon.

But then again, maybe not. Do you wake up in the night, fearful of grills that cannot be mastered? Do you worry about burnt burgers that are dry and tough? Do you gaze upon the grill with suspicion, wishing you knew how to master it? Well never fear! Read on for 10 solutions to common burger grilling mistakes and become the backyard chef you have always dreamed of being.