These 12 Kitchen Hacks Will Save You Time and Money

Run an efficient kitchen with little food waste using these 12 tips and tricks


Bread get crusty? Don't pitch it — turn it into delicious homemade croutons.

Sometimes, cooking at home can feel like a waste of time, money, and effort. You go through all of the trouble to buy fresh produce and ingredients — and then you end up slaving over a hot stove, pitching 75 percent of your cilantro, and picking out the good bits of lettuce from the soggy ones. Food waste is not only bad for your wallet and morale, it can also suck up tons of time.

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But before you just throw away half a dozen eggs because you think they might have gone bad or you eat five bananas at once because you worry they’ll get overripe soon, know that there are plenty of ways to save your food or check its freshness — and you already have exactly what you need to do so.

And if saving time is your endgame, there are plenty of cooking shortcuts out there, from ripening an avocado in just hours to getting butter perfectly soft (without melting it) using common household items.

So keep that last bit of milk around, revitalize your crystallized honey, and save money by making your own stock with these 12 handy (and easy!) kitchen hacks.