Recipe Of The Day: Teriyaki Beef And Asparagus Skewers

It feels like we've been waiting forever, but the 2020 Summer Olympics are finally here. (Yes, in 2021.) If you're getting together with friends and family to watch the games over the next few weeks, odds are you're serving classic munches like dips, chicken wings and sloppy Joes. But if you want to honor the host country and embrace the summer season by cooking on the grill, you can't beat this recipe for teriyaki beef and asparagus skewers.

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We love soccer, swimming, gymnastics and volleyball as much as the next person, but like the Super Bowl or World Series, the best part of watching the Summer Olympics is all of the game day food. And these skewers check off a lot of boxes. They're quick and easy to make, they're portable and handheld and they're totally delicious.

To make these skewers, the first thing you need to do is soak your wooden skewers in water. Not doing so can cause a serious fire and is a major rookie grilling mistake. Then, take some ribeye or another cut of tender, boneless steak and slice it into 1/4 inch pieces. Then, take trimmed and cut asparagus and green onions and add them all to the skewer. All you have to do next is toss your skewers on the grill, cook them for a couple of minutes, brush them with teriyaki sauce and call it a day.

Yes, it is that easy! Thanks to the steak and asparagus, these skewers feel like an elegant Japanese-inspired appetizer, but they realistically only take 20 minutes to put together. We call that gold medal-worthy.

You can choose to serve these alongside Buffalo chicken dip and nachos as a part of a party spread or put these over rice for an easy weeknight dinner. But if you're really feeling the Olympics this summer, you can make these and 19 more Japanese recipes to celebrate the Tokyo Games.

Teriyaki Beef and Asparagus Skewers

This recipe by JeanMarie Brownson originally appeared in The Chicago Tribune.


  • 1 boneless beef or bison rib-eye steak, about 8 ounces, 1 inch thick
  • 4 medium-thick asparagus, ends trimmed, cut into 1 1/2-inch lengths
  • 2 green onions, trimmed, cut into 1 1/2-inch lengths
  • 1/4 cup teriyaki sauce with sesame seeds


Step 1: Prepare a charcoal grill, and let coals burn until they are covered with gray ash. Or, preheat a gas grill until hot. Meanwhile, soak 4 bamboo skewers in water to cover at least 20 minutes. Drain.

Step 2: Use a very sharp knife to slice the 8-ounce steak across the grain into 1/4-inch wide slices. Thread, alternating, the beef slices, 4 medium-thick asparagus and 2 green onions on the skewers.

Step 3: Place the skewers directly over the hot coals. Brush with some of the 1/4 cup teriyaki sauce. Grill until lightly charred, about 2 minutes. Gently flip the skewers and baste the other side with the sauce.

Step 4: Cook until steak is medium-rare, about 1 minute more. Remove from the grill, and drizzle with the remaining teriyaki sauce. Serve.