T-Minus Turkey Day: Thanksgiving Meal Planning

Don’t sweat the holiday; you can keep it manageable with a little know-how and planning
Chef's Thanksgiving Tips

Chefs such as Johnny Iuzzini and Michael Anthony give their turkey day advice

T-Minus Turkey Day: Thanksgiving Meal Planning


Proper planning will keep your Thanksgiving Day prep and cooking stress-free.

For the dedicated home cook, Thanksgiving is the ultimate marathon. It’s a carefully orchestrated dance of dishes that somehow make it to the table on time.

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Generally, Thanksgiving is a little more involved than slapping a bottle of salad dressing on the table and calling it dinner, so meal planning is essential. Mapping out everything from how long to cook the turkey, to a well-organized grocery list is the difference between a pleasant holiday with family and a headache.

Knowing what to cook and when to cook it will help cut down on holiday stress, not to mention extra time in the kitchen and at the grocery store. Stick to your planned schedule, and make-ahead any sides, desserts, or appetizers that you can.

To help with your countdown to Turkey Day, we have compiled a list of tips, tricks, hacks, and cooking ideas that will keep you on track for a happy holiday with plenty of leftovers.

Before you dive into cooking headfirst, consider these tips and tricks that will keep you thankful this holiday.

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