Sweeter With Honey: 11 Delicious Honey-Flavored Fall Desserts

Sweeter with Honey: 11 Delicious Honey-Flavored Fall Desserts

Usher in fall with these sweet desserts that highlight the nuances that honey can bring to baked goods. Honey flavors and colors range from the mild and pale yellow to the bold and dark amber, making this staple ingredient one of the most diverse tools in your pantry

Bees work hard all year long producing honey from nectar. Celebrate the diverse flavor of honeys, from wildflower to goldenrod, with The Daily Meal's picks for favorite fall desserts. Try the classic Jewish New Year honey cake, decadently rich financiers, or simply add a little honey to your favorite pumpkin pie recipe. These honey-flavored desserts will add a touch of sweetness to any crisp fall day.

Baklava Honey Biscuits

These Greek-inspired biscuits can be used for dessert or for a sweet campfire breakfast. Take refrigerated biscuits to a whole new level. — Patricia Stagich

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Chef François Payard’s Apple and Honey Financier Tart

Financier is a French cake, similar to a sponge cake, made with almonds. Chef François Payard tops a simple apple tart with financier batter and a sweet honey glaze. — Payard Bakery

For the Chef François Payard's Apple and Honey Financier Tart recipe, click here.

Honey Apple Cake

As a play on the traditional apples dipped in honey, which symbolize the start to a sweet new year in Jewish culture, we have created a honey cake studded with apple. — Golden Blossom Honey

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Honey Chamomile Gelato

Chamomile tea bags are steeped in simmering milk, then stirred with egg yolks and honey to create a subtly sweet and floral custard. After it churns in an ice cream maker, the gelato is layered with oh-so many drizzles of honey to create Pooh-approved ribbons in every scoop. — Emma Laperruque

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Honey Financiers

Financiers are pretty much the easiest cakes to make, lightly spongy and always moist thanks to their egg white content. For these, find the darkest, richest honey you can find (I prefer dragon eye honey), brown some butter, and have them for breakfast for the rest of the week. — Jessica Chou

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Honey Lemon Baklava

This classic Greek dessert uses phyllo dough, spices, honey, and lemon to create a truly decadent dessert.

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Honey Pumpkin Pie

Honey is antimicrobial, helping to extend the shelf life and freshness of the pie. — Emily Jacobs

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Little Honey Cake

These bite-size cakes are actually biscuits dipped in honey syrup. They take a bit of patience to make, but they keep for ages. — The Feast Goes on Cookbook

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Nougatine Almonds and Honey

A spoonful of French honey is heaven. It has a subtle grit and texture that, to an American kid who's used to the corn syrup-like honey in the plastic bear bottle, may seem off, but it's perfection. It's thick and lovely and comes in all different colors. It's delicate and fresh and boasts subtle floral notes; you know that the bees were working hard in those lavender patches. — Sara Remington

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Paleo Honey Cake

The deep, rich flavor of this honey cake is courtesy of the honey itself, and the gluten-free aspect means that this decadent, moist cake won't derail your paleo diet.

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Vanilla and Honey Shortbread Pie

Vanilla and honey are two flavors that complement shortbread's warm and comforting taste, and this pie recipe combines the three in a creamy, indulgent pie. — Kayle Blogna

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