This Is The Oldest Box Of Chocolates In The World

Have you ever found a forgotten chocolate bar in the back of your pantry or fridge? No longer glossy and appetizing, but rather dusty looking, your bar of chocolate may have taken on a smattering of white, unappetizing speckles and a chalky taste. But chances are your old, moldy bar of chocolate has nothing on this historic box of chocs, unless you're in possession of a chocolaty family heirloom.

In 1902, In the Scottish town of St. Andrews, these old and historic chocolates were made to mark the coronation of King Edward VII. The coronation Day, June 26, 1902, marked Edward VII's succession to the throne following the death of his mother, Queen Victoria.

The box of chocolates is 115 years old and contains chocolates as well as a newspaper clipping explaining that they were presented to a young schoolgirl named Martha Greig in August 1902. Martha in turn passed the box of sweets to her daughter Freida McIntosh. Frieda, also resisting the urge to devour the historic confectionary, passed the box into the hands of the St. Andrews Preservation Trust, an organization that aims to maintain the character and history of the town. And there you have it; one schoolgirl's willpower resulted in the preservation of a piece of history and culture. Something to think about the next time you come across an old chocolate bar in your handbag!