Make Your Own Dunkaroos

Make Your Own Dunkaroos

This grown-up twist on the childhood classic Dunkaroos will make everyone jealous, and the next generation of kids will love them, too.

The Cookie: Type

The cookie is the vessel by which the silky smooth frosting is delivered to your mouth. Choose wisely. We recommend a simple vanilla wafer or graham cracker.


The Cookie: Shape

The kangaroo shape might not have affected the flavor, but it surely added to the Dunkaroos mystique. Choose your favorite animal-shaped cookie cutter to make this snack your own.


The Frosting: Flavor

Dunkaroos basic vanilla or chocolate is simple enough to reproduce with an easy-to-make buttercream. For a twist on the classic, experiment with other flavored frostings, like cream cheese or peanut butter varieties.


The Frosting: Toppings

Adding sprinkles to frosting is a classic Dunkaroos pairing, but dress up your favorite buttercream by folding in chocolate chips, butterscotch, or your favorite nut.