Irresistible 10-Minute Meals

Sometimes life gets in the way of a healthy lifestyle, but dinner doesn't have to suffer. Put down the take-out menu, and get back to the kitchen because we have 10-minute meals that take about as much time to cook as they do to devour.

From simple and satisfying egg dishes to creamy bowls of quinoa that you can serve with sweet or savory toppings, plus simple salads, we have a few of our favorite quick and healthy 10-minute meals that will ease you back into cooking.

Try our making Pumpkin Bacon Grits with a Poached Egg or a 5-Minute Sushi Bowl that you can make when you are pressed for time at lunch with five minutes to spare.

Eggs are always a great option when you want a quick meal full of hunger-satiating protein that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you are in need of more fiber, check out our favorite hearty grains, or find out what makes quinoa so super with a few of our favorite quick-cooking recipes.

Find yourself with a little extra time? Check out more of our quick and easy dinner ideas that only take 15 minutes or less to make.

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Angela Carlos is the Cook Editor at The Daily Meal. Find her on Twitter and tweet @angelaccarlos.