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How to Make a Lattice Pie Crust

It’s easier than it looks
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Pies are an American staple. The impressive dessert makes appearances on dinner tables, at holiday parties, at backyard cookouts and more. There’s a pie designated for every season, and the treat is always guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. But one way to take your pie to the next level is by adding a lattice crust, and it’s easier than it looks.

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According to King Arthur Baking Company, you start making a lattice crust by rolling out pastry dough into a rectangle. Make sure you have an even width and size across, and don’t forget to flour everything before getting started — a hack every beginner baker should know.

Once the pie crust is rolled out, cut it into 3/4-inch strips. After adding the pie filling to your refrigerated pie crust — or homemade if you want to go the extra step — add some water to the edges of the crust. Then place the strips onto the edge of the pie crust, evenly spacing them out as you go.

Once the strips are laid vertically across the pie, you can begin the weaving process. To start, lift every other strip of pie crust and place one strip underneath, horizontally. Then, lift the outermost vertical strip and every other after that and add another strip horizontally. Continue the process under and over until the pattern is complete.


Once the lattice crust is done, cut the strips and press them to the edge of the pie. You can crimp the pie crust, like some of the best bakeries in the country do, or you can leave it plain. Use this technique on your next baking adventure, like when you attempt to make the most iconic pie in your state.