How to Prepare Your Valentine’s Day Dinner with Your Slow-Cooker

Check out these simple, elegant entrée ideas for your Valentine’s Day dinner
How to Prepare Your Valentine’s Day Dinner with Your Slow-Cooker


This Slow-Cooker Tarragon Chicken with Mushroom Cream Sauce is one of our favorite slow-cooker recipe options for you to prepare this Valentine’s Day.

Skipping the noisy restaurants this Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that either you or your valentine has to spend the day slaving over pots and pans. Instead, harness the no-fuss cooking power of your slow-cooker for a quick, worry-free Valentine’s Day dinner.

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As it turns out, your slow-cooker can do more than a killer pulled pork. Yes, this device that you regularly rely on for making simple, weeknight chili and the occasional game-day queso is capable of producing a refined and elegant dinner for two.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t worry about channeling your inner Julia Child. Your slow-cooker will save you from the toil of kitchen work, so you have a little extra time for setting the romantic ambiance.

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