How To Poach The Perfect Egg Every Time

The perfect poached egg: firm cooked whites that give way to gooey, runny yolks when pierced. We've all enjoyed this delicious style of egg at brunch with our eggs benedicts or mingling with our cheese grits, but unfortunately, we've also encountered the overcooked dry whites and chalky yolk center — there are few brunch disasters more disappointing.

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To avoid this subpar experience, we have carefully outlined the steps to making foolproof poached eggs. The necessary tools are simple — simmering water, a slotted spoon, paper towels, and vinegar — but the result is perfection.

Once you get the hang of these simple steps, you can poach multiple eggs at a time, just be sure not to over crowd the pan. Further instructions on how to cook poached eggs in batches without turning out lukewarm yolks is detailed in the complete steps. One important thing to note is that with each additional egg, the water temperature drops slightly making it necessary to add about 30 seconds per egg to the cooking time to ensure the whites are cooked through, because no one likes slimy egg whites.

All you need to complete this poached egg dish is a bowl of creamy grits and your favorite eggs benedict recipe replete with decadent hollandaise to turn your eggs into a magnificent start to your morning.

Angela Carlos is the Cook Editor at The Daily Meal. Find her on Twitter and tweet @angelaccarlos.