How To Poach An Egg In A Microwave (Slideshow)


One of the best parts about going out to brunch is getting a perfectly poached egg with a soft center and a white that is just set. It's hard and often time-consuming to make a restaurant-worthy poached egg at home. But we have a simple trick that will help you poach an egg fast enough for a weekday breakfast.

Using a microwave is the easiest and quickest way to poach an egg and achieve maximum results. With this simple trick, poached eggs will be as common around your house as scrambled or fried. Check out the slideshow for easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and you'll be enjoying a creamy poached egg by tomorrow morning.

Gather Ingredients

The ingredients are simple: water, an egg, and vinegar. Also, make sure to have a paper napkin and slotted spoon handy.

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Microwave Water

Make sure to use a ceramic, microwave-safe mug with a 16-ounce capacity and a 1100W microwave. 

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Add Egg and Vinegar

Carefully crack the egg into the mug being cautious not to puncture the yolk. 

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Use the slotted spoon to strain the egg from the contents of the mug. 

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Eat Immediately

Enjoy a perfectly poached egg.

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