How To Julienne A Potato

Even though potatoes are round, they can quickly and easily be cut into small, evenly-sized pieces like a julienne. Julienne is a technique that's used to cut food into matchstick-sized pieces (about ⅛-by-⅛-by-2 inches). Here's how it's done:

Start by peeling the potato to remove the skin. Discard the skin or save it for another use. Then, slice a small amount from each side of the potato so that it has a long, rectangular shape.

Trim the ends of the potato so that it is flat on all sides. Discard the trimmings or save them for another use.

Next, cut thin slices from the potato; each slice should be about ⅛-inch thick.

Then, lay the slices flat on your cutting board and cut them crosswise into 2-inch pieces (about the length of a matchbook). Cut each 2-inch section lengthwise into ⅛-inch-wide strips to produce a perfect julienne.

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