How To Cook The Best Burgers, Dogs, And Other Summer Favorites Indoors

We wait all year to be able to stand in the backyard in front of the grill, a cold drink in one hand, tongs or spatula in the other, with the hot summer sun beating down on us. The imagery is just plain cruel this time of year when the days are dark, the weather is cold and wet, and the majority of us are buried in a few feet of snow.  

Some try to brave the elements to grill outdoors even in the chilly months, but for most — especially those confined to apartments — grilled food is an unattainable goal... or is it?

There are intrinsic components the grilling technique supplies: For flavors, the flame introduces smokiness and char, and texturally, grilled food develops amazing crispy edges. Luckily, it can all be replicated indoors.

There are logistical obstacles, of course, to indoor grilling (like smoke alarms and poor ventilation) and there is also the issue of equipment. PSA: Do not try to bring your charcoal or gas grill indoors. Instead, you can use your oven broiler, a torch, or a heavy cast-iron pan; there are even cast-iron grill pans that can give you those attractive grill marks.

Here we've outlined the essential equipment for grilling success and included seasoning and technical tips on how to make all your summer favorites indoors.