Here's How To Finish Off That Last Bit Of Milk

We've all done it. We've all let milk go to waste, letting it depreciate in the fridge until it sours, curdles, and assaults our noses with its caustic aroma when we dare to sniff it in inspection.

It's such a shame, though. It takes a lot of work — on behalf of the earth, the cow, and the farmer — to get that milk to you (with incredible convenience, might we add). And honestly, it's so avoidable! That lingering milk in the bottom of the milk carton deserves a good home, like in buttery scones or flaky biscuits, for instance. To help you with your milk dilemma, we've come up with six ways to use up that list bit of milk before (and after!) it starts to turn.

Don't cry over wasted, unused milk; instead, milk it for all its worth because it would be udderly disappointing if you were to pour perfectly useable milk down the drain.