Healthy One-Pan Salmon Dinners You Have To Try

The one-pan cooking revolution is a welcomed transition for poor, tired, dried out dish-pan hands. Who wouldn't want a delicious, healthy, easy dinner with less to cleanup afterwards? Now that you have undoubtedly tried your hand at simple one-pot soups and hearty stews, we are here to share another roundup of delicious dishes to keep you from growing tired of soups this winter. Try one-pan salmon dinners that are packed with omega-3 fatty acids and healthy fats.

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From simple kebabs that you can bake in the oven, simple baked salmon with a fresh mango salsa, or a one-pot salmon pasta dish that can be tailored to your tastes, we have three one-pan salmon dishes that make irresistible weeknight dinners with just a few healthy ingredients.

Rosemary-Lime Wild Alaska Salmon Kebabs

Layer in-season vegetables with salmon chunks marinated in olive oil, lime juice, and spices. Serve on top of a bed of healthy quinoa or rice.

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Foil-Baked Salmon with Mango, Chile, and Limesalmon

At the end of a long workday, my favorite kind of recipe to make is one that requires minimal attention and prep. This  recipe is one such example. I let a side of quinoa simmer away while this was in the oven, and if you like, you can make some salad as the salmon cooks, too. Getting dinner on the table easily is all about multitasking.

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One-Pan Salmon Pasta with Kale pasta

This simple salmon  can be made in one pan. You can modify the ingredients to your liking, but the general cooking instructions will remain the same.

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Angela Carlos is the Cook Editor at The Daily Meal. Find her on Twitter and tweet @angelaccarlos.