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It's that time of year again – the day to appreciate our dads and all that they have done for us. But what do we do for those dads who are impossible to shop for? The ones who don't want the typical cordless drill or grill accessories? We surveyed some of the most particular dads we could find to determine what they really want for Father's Day this year.

Whether your dad geeks out on electronics or prefers his weekends in the kitchen, there is a great Father's Day gift for him out there. With some help from our sister site BestReviews, we researched each of these best bets to make sure you're giving your dad a top-quality gift. BestReviews publishes in-depth reviews of various consumer products. To remain objective, BestReviews purchases the products it reviews and conducts its own testing.

After the tests and reviews are complete, the products are donated to nonprofits, either for them to use or to resell to raise funds.

BestReviews also tested some of these items in real-life situations to make sure they'll live up to your dad's high expectations, so read on to discover 10 great present ideas even picky dads will love.

Amazon Echo

Perhaps your dad has been checking out smart home products for a while but isn't convinced any of them work as advertised. Lucky for you — and him — BestReviews has tested them all, and the Echo came out as the top choice. Why? It's compatible with the greatest number of apps and is the easiest to use — and it costs less than $100. We know it takes a little extra to win some dads over, but we think Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa, is up to the task.

Amazon Kindle

Dad's library is the envy of readers everywhere — but it's not exactly portable. He's always been wary of e-readers, but we know the Kindle will change his mind. It's designed to feel like a book in his hand and features a screen designed to reduce glare.

Cast-Iron Pan

We have a feeling your dad is no fan of cheap nonstick pans. They aren't doing his cooking justice, and they are a pain to clean. Take his cooking up a notch and earn his approval with this must-have cookware. He may think he already knows the right way to cook a steak, but the right cast-iron pan just might change that.


Yeti coolers are a big investment, and your dad might be the type who would balk at the price tag. But we know there is no competition when it comes to what's top of the line. BestReviews tested the Yeti in 90-degree weather over five days, and it still had ice at the end. If your dad takes his tailgating or camping seriously, he needs this cooler.

Indoor Grill

It might be hot right now, but we know this good weather won't last forever. Your father would never cook a burger or brat on the stovetop, but grilling season won't ever have if you get him a top-notch indoor grill for a gift. BestReviews' top choice is big enough to fit four patties comfortably and has a tray to collect all the drippings.

Meat Thermometer

Cooking meat is an art to your dad. He would never serve a rubbery chicken breast or well-done steak. But now he can take his grilling to the next level with this digital thermometer. The best part? He can pair up the second reader and carry it around his house to check the temp remotely while he handles other tasks (or while he enjoys a beer with his buddies). No more standing over the grill for hours.

Weed Eater

Your family's lawn is always the best on the block thanks to your dad's special love and care. But we know he's always trying to upgrade his tools. This gas-powered weed eater isn't messing around — BestReviews tested it on an overgrown backyard and made it presentable in no time.

Whiskey Stones

Your dad would never order a drink with more than two ingredients, right? He knows that when it comes to liquor, simpler is better. The only thing he's missing are these top-notch whiskey stones. They'll keep his drink colder longer and won't water down that 12-year-old Scotch (and providing the stones is cheaper than getting him the 12-year-old Scotch).

Wireless Earbuds

We understand that your dad is very particular about what technology he lets into his life. But you're tired of hearing him complain about the cheap headphones he uses on his runs. He probably already trusts the Bose brand, so he might even be excited to try these wireless earbuds out.

Work Gloves

They aren't the most glamorous gift, but no one would appreciate a quality set of work gloves as much as your hardworking father. BestReviews' favorite pair has extra padding to protect your pop's hands from impact, and they won't break the bank. They're almost military-grade — of course, your dad would expect nothing less. If none of these suggestions seems perfect for your dad and he's more the outdoor barbecuing type, then your best bet might be to wow him with one of these over-the-top backyard grills.


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