Expert Argentina-Style Grilling Tips From Chef Aarón Sánchez

Celebrity chef and Terrazas de los Andes' brand ambassador Aarón Sánchez shares four tips to help you bring Buenos Aires-style barbecues to your own backyard. 

1. Cook over low heat, for a long time. 

Use low and slow heat for Argentine flavor and to get a great tenderness from the meat. Here [in America] we fire up our grills super high, but Argentines use lower heat and cook the meat longer for great tenderness and flavor. They always cook over wood or charcoal by the way, like we're doing [in America].

2. Oil the ingredient, not the grill.

Never oil the grill; oil the product, because oiling the grill will cause it to burn and become acrid. Oil your product, such as a steak, and then season it; the oil will help the seasoning stick to the product.

3. Temper the meat.

Keep meats at room temperature before grilling. If you're going to cook a steak, for instance, take it out of your fridge and let it come to room temperature before you throw it on the grill. A lot of times people will take it from a cooler or a 40-degree fridge and throw it on the grill and want it medium rare. What do you think the inside is going to be? Cold, right? You have to let your meat come up to room temperature.

4. Match the wine to the food.

Pair your Argentine-style spread with malbec. Malbec is the No. 1 wine in Argentina for a reason. The Terrazas malbec is big, juicy, approachable, and versatile... It is the ultimate barbecue wine for the summer.

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