Beyond Mash: 25 Ways to Serve Potatoes This Christmas

If you and your potato masher are worn out from Thanksgiving, give these other styles of potatoes a try this Christmas
Stuffed & Loaded Fingerling Potatoes

Chef-de-cuisine/owner of Root and Bone in NYC, Janine Booth, prepares stuffed and loaded fingerling potatoes, a perfect snack for your holiday party.

Beyond Mash: 25 Ways to Serve Potatoes This Christmas


These delicious deviled potatoes use potatoes instead of eggs, and are completely vegan.

It’s often hard to escape the meat and potatoes habit we’ve fallen into — mostly because it’s delicious, but also because it’s been driven home for years as the basic anatomy of a well-conceived dinner.

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The holidays are no exception to this pattern, but you can break the mold — or at least crack it — by serving something other than the usual mashed potatoes. We love this creamy rendition of potatoes as much as the next guy, but after over-dosing on Thanksgiving, it might be time to give one of the hundreds of other potato recipes out there a fair shot at landing on the holiday table.

Whether you prefer roasted potatoes bathed in olive oil and herbs crispy and hot from the oven, a light and starchy potato soufflé, or shredded potatoes fried into a compact and crunchy cake, we have a recipe waiting for you.

This holiday when you make your finishing touches to the Christmas menu, consider these 25 worthy potato recipes for your holiday table.

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