The Best Lasagna Doesn't Contain Ricotta

Lasagna, is undeniable delicious in any iteration. Roasted vegetable lasagna, butternut squash lasagna even Instant Pot ground beef and sausage lasagna — there are millions of great recipes out there to suit every palate. There's just one teeny tiny problem when it comes to lasagna recipes, and that is that so many of them instruct readers to mix together a combination of ricotta cheese with eggs and various seasonings. If there's one surefire way to detract from the mouthwatering pasta dish that is lasagna, it is to use ricotta.

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Now, while a ricotta-egg mixture will still certainly yield a perfectly palatable plate of pasta, it will by no means be the best. For the very best lasagna — be it vegetarian or full on Bolognese — you absolutely, without a doubt, must opt for a bechamel sauce to grace the noodles and sauce with its creamy, silky, decadent presence between layers.

Unlike ricotta, which tends to result in a more solid and stodgy lasagna, using a bechamel sauce (with some Parmiggiano-Reggiano sprinkled on top for good measure) causes the finished dish to be more delicate and utterly delicious!

You can use bechamel in place of any ricotta-egg mixture, so why not grab your favorite lasagna recipe, a pan, some butter, flour and milk and get whisking! You're sure to end up with a giant pan of bubbling lasagna that's as good as any pasta recipe your grandma used to make!