9 Ways To Make Ice Cream Without A Machine Slideshow

9 Ways to Make Ice Cream Without a Machine

Each of these methods produces a slightly different ice cream texture, so experimentation is encouraged. Use what is left of the summer to try out different methods, recipes, and ingredients until you find the one that is right for you. Plus, this means heaps of ice cream for those hot summer days. Keep in mind that these ice creams won't be as stable as machine-churned ice cream, and should be consumed immediately after they are made. 

Cold Pan

Pre-freeze a two-inch-deep metal pan. Chill the custard, frozen yogurt, or other ice cream base in the fridge. Next, pour the ice cream into the freezing cold pan, and return to the freezer. Wait 15 to 20 minutes, or until the ice cream at the sides of the pan begins to freeze. Scrape down the sides and give a quick stir, and then return to the freezer. Continue this method until the custard is ice cream texture, and then serve immediately with your favorite toppings.

Condensed Milk and Whipped Cream

With this method, the condensed milk replaces the usual custard base. Usually this is a quick three-ingredient ice cream recipe of condensed milk, heavy cream, and your choice of flavoring. Whip all the ingredients together until thick, and then just freeze.

Electric Mixer and an Ice Bath

This method essentially mimic what a traditional ice cream maker does to churn ice cream. Just make your custard base, pour it into a bowl that is resting in an ice bath, and use the mixer to churn the custard into ice cream.

Food Processor

For a simple ice cream fix, just freeze your base in an airtight freezer bag. Then, crumble the frozen base and pour into the bowl of your food processor. Next, blend until smooth. The texture will be finer, like gelato.

Granita Method

Freeze your base in a shallow container. Once completely frozen, use a fork to "fluff" the frozen ice into a scoop-able, ice cream-like texture. This method will not produce smooth custard, but is still a tasty option.

Ice Pop Molds

Pick out your favorite ice pop mold and fill it with a thick custard base. Then simply freeze — in a few hours, you will have your own ice cream pops. Try freezing crumbled Oreos in with the base of your ice pop for a cookies 'n' cream-flavored treat. 

Pate a Bombe

It might sound like a fancy technique, but it is much simpler than it seems. Just heat the sugar with enough water to cover in a saucepan until it reaches 250 degrees F. Meanwhile, whisk the egg yolks on high in a stand mixer until pale. When the sugar reaches temperature, pour the sugar into the egg yolks with the mixer on medium. Turn the mixer back up to high and watch the egg yolks thicken. Let the egg yolks whip until room temperature. Next, whip cream to medium-stiff peaks. Finally, fold the egg yolk mixture into the whipped cream and freeze for no-churn ice cream. For the Pâte à Bombe recipe, click here.

Plastic Bag

Seal your ice cream base in a plastic bag and set aside in the fridge. Then, fill a large plastic bag with some ice cubes and rock salt. Next, place the smaller bag with your base inside the larger bag. Make sure both bags are sealed well. Wrap a kitchen towel around the bags and shake for about five minutes, until the ice cream forms.

Stick Blender/Immersion Blender

Make sure your base is very cold, and freeze any fruit you want to add. Then, use your stick blender/immersion blender to churn the base into ice cream.