9 Quick And Easy Wrap Recipes Slideshow

It's easy enough to pick up a chicken Caesar wrap at any local deli or sandwich shop, but making your own at home has a number of definite advantages...

Molly Aronica


Mike's Breakfast Wrap

Inspired by the "Mike's Breakfast," a morning bagel sandwich on the secret menu at...

Tyler Sullivan


Apple Cinnamon Wrap with Cream

Get creative and swap in other fruits like peaches or blueberries — any fruit should do the trick!

Nina Fomufod


Turkey Aram Sandwiches

These sandwiches are easy to make (you can sub in any ingredients you like for the ones I used here) and great for serving to groups...

Carly Goldsmith


Italian Wrap

This wrap is a representation of all of my favorite Italian ingredients...

Anne Dolce


Greek-Inspired Wrap

A mouthwatering combination of perfectly seared lamb with a golden brown, savory crust, seasoned with some dried oregano, and salty, tangy feta makes for a mouthwatering wrap...

Will Budiaman


Hummus and Feta Lavash Wraps

Pair with a green salad or some cut-up veggies and these Hummus and Feta Lavash Wraps make a fantastic lunch or light dinner...

Alyssa Brantley


Raspberry-Chipotle Turkey Wraps with Brie and Roasted Garlic

I like this combo because we're taking a classic wrap-style sandwich, and making a warm and melty dinner entrée...

Lyndsy Hassett

Collard Green Wraps with Shrimp and Black Beans

The collard leaves are just soft enough that they are easy to chew but still have a crunch and don't get soggy...

Alyssa Brantley