9 Chicken Recipes That Make It Much Easier To Keep Your New Year's Diet Resolution

9 Chicken Recipes that Make it Much Easier to Keep Your New Year’s Diet Resolution

Chicken is a good source of protein and can help you feel fuller longer. These delicious, low-calorie chicken recipes are perfect for dieters.

Baked Mustard-Lime Chicken

This quick and easy recipe for baked chicken breast has tons of flavor thanks to the homemade citrus and mustard marinade. If you don't have limes on hand, substitute an equal amount of freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice.
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Blackened Chicken with Toasted Couscous

This fragrant chicken dish (made with fresh sprigs of thyme, ground cinnamon and turmeric, and sautéed onions and garlic) will fill your kitchen with the most amazing aroma, making it hard to wait for dinner to be done.
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Chicken and Brown Rice Soup

This hearty chicken soup will warm you up and keep you full. As an added bonus, whole grains require more work to digest, giving your metabolism a temporary boost.
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Chicken with Garlic and Parsley

This simple recipe from chef Wolfgang Puck uses rustic Italian flavors to make chicken breast juicy and flavorful. It's sure to become a favorite in your kitchen.
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Cioppino-Style Chicken

Juicy chicken drumsticks slow-cooked in tomato sauce? Yes, please! Serve this vegetable and chicken dish with rice for a complete meal.
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Gluten-Free Chicken Piccata

This flavor of this quick-cooking chicken dish is perfectly balanced: tangy lemon juice, salty brined capers, and bright and refreshing parsley. Serve with brown rice pasta for a full, gluten-free meal.
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Rosemary Apple Chicken

It's hard to believe that combining six simple ingredients can make a meal this delicious. Roasting helps to caramelize the natural sugars in the apples, which in turn gives the chicken a rich and complex flavor.
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Southwest Chicken

Smoky cumin and chili powder transform ordinary grilled chicken breast into a Southwestern-style main dish. If you don't have an outdoor grill (or if it's too cold to grill outside) cook this chicken on an indoor, cast-iron grill pan instead.
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Spicy Chicken Stew

This good-for-you chicken stew is easy to make since it simmers for several hours in the slow cooker. The recipe says to cook the stew for four hours on high but, if you won't be home, cook the stew on low for eight hours instead.
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