7 Recipes That Move Pancakes Out of the Morning

Carrots, zucchini, pulled pork, and more make these pancakes perfectly acceptable savory dinner fare
7 Recipes That Move Pancakes Out of the Morning

Stephanie Le

Top pancakes with savory additions, like this recipe for pulled pork topped pancakes.

Skip the syrup with savory pancakes worthy of a place on your dinner table. You might be used to the tall stack of pancakes doused in syrup and loaded with sweet fruit, but pancakes work as a savory treat as well.

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Transform your pancakes with savory toppings, flavorful additions, and simple fillings. Consider herbaceous chive and potato pancakes or fresh, shredded zucchini added to your batter before being poured, puffed, and crisped in a hot skillet with butter. Top sweet corn pancakes with tangy sour cream or fold crisp bacon into the batter. Fry carrot scallion pancakes in duck fat for a light umami taste for your evening pancake dinner.

Add fresh herbs, seasonal vegetables, smoky spices, and spicy sauces to a simple old-fashioned pancake recipe to make it your own.

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From tangy barbecue soaked pulled pork toppings to Paleo-friendly twists on your favorite brunch-time recipe, we have seven mind-blowing, flavor-packed recipes to help you transition pancakes from breakfast item to savory late night snack.