The 15 Best Cast-Iron Pans Under $50 Slideshow

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The 15 Best Cast-Iron Pans Under $50

A cast-iron pan is one of the only cooking instruments that actually adds nutritional benefit to a dish. When you cook, these pans release small amounts of iron into the food which can be really helpful in combating iron deficiencies, especially if you cook with a lot of high acidity.

When you do decide to take your cooking to the next level, we have scoured the internet and ranked the 15 best cast iron pans under $50 so you don't have to.

#15 My

This is an easy-to-clean, classic cast iron — nothing too fancy, and a great start to a collection at $15.99 for a 10-inch pan if you're looking to play around a little before investing in something bigger and more expensive. It's lightweight and has a smooth surface.

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#14 Kuprum

This skillet gets a late mention at $29.90 for an 11-inch pan, although it shouldn't be disregarded completely. It has an enamel coating, which is good for its non-stick properties and which some might argue is healthier, but personally I prefer the more classic surface.
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#13 Bergoff

In terms of aesthetics and quality, this 10-inch skillet is a great pan — but I wouldn't purchase this guy at $36.99 as a first-time cast-iron user. This is more of a treat when it comes to kitchen equipment, and you can probably find something a little more basic if you're looking to experiment.
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#12 King Cooker

This is a great pan for $35.55 — if you have a little experience and are looking to cook for large groups of people at a campfire or something like that, this could be the pan for you. Even for a 15-inch pan it's a little pricey, but it does come pre-seasoned and is ready to go.
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#11 Homerware

This pan is your best bet if you're looking for something that's not off the charts expensive and not necessarily much to write home about either. At $23.99 for a 12-inch skillet, it's functional — it works, and will get the job done. The surface is also pre-seasoned pretty well, so you won't have to treat it more than once.
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#10 Bayou

This is definitely a beginner's pan, and at $26.29 for a 10-inch skillet, it needs quite a lot of attention in terms of seasoning once you first buy it. It's a heavy pan and has a relatively rough surface compared to others, but if you're willing to put in the initial work, it will work well for the amateur chef.
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#9 Utopia Kitchen Pan

With superior heat retention and even heat distribution, this pan is a great option for the seasoned chef. At $27.99, the weight of it can be a little intimidating for a beginner, but it's generally a fantastic classic cast iron. This 12.5-inch skillet is a big pan, and that extra half inch on the surface will allow for a wider range of cooking.
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#8 Sunnydaze

I included this three-piece set for $35.95 into the list because it's great value to be able to get more than one pan for this kind of price. If you're looking to do a diverse range of cooking and are a little more experienced with a cast iron, this is a fantastic deal. Make sure you know how to season these well — they will need a couple of rounds to get them where you want them.
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#7 Fresh Australian Kitchen

This is a fantastic pan that has been designed with the utmost care and attention. Although the downside is that it's on the pricier side — at $26.99 — it's well worth it. It might be a little sticky on first use — but overall, a beautifully designed 12-inch pan with solid results.
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#6 Universal Housewares

If you're not totally sold on the whole cast-iron cooking movement but still want to give the thing a go — this 8-inch pan at $14.99 is a great option for you. If you're just looking to fry an egg here and there and sear a decent steak, I'd definitely recommend this pan for the non-frequent user. It's easy to clean and not too heavy, and it will give you professional results with not too much fuss.
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#5 Victoria

Victoria cookware has been around since 1939, and you can rely on this company to deliver the kind of quality you'd expect from such a long-lived company. At $19.99 for this 12-inch skillet, the advantage of this pan is its slightly longer and more curved handle, not to mention a drip-free pour spout which comes in very handy.
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#4 Ewei’s Homeware

Ewei's Homeware's 12-inch cast-iron skillet is right up there with the best, but it's worth noting that although it's supposedly pre-seasoned, you may want to put some time into seasoning it yourself. For the price of $17.85 though, you can't beat it.
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#3 Calphalon Pan

With an oversized handle and guaranteed even heat distribution, this is one of my top picks of the lot. For a 12-inch skillet at $22.49 it's a good deal, has a lifetime guarantee, and is pre-seasoned well enough to cook eggs on your first go around. This pan will not let you down.
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#2 T-fal

At $24.92 as a 12-inch skillet — this pan is wonderfully light and comes with an assistance handle, which is very useful. It also comes with seasoning instructions, although it's worth noting that is has a slightly convex shape — frustrating when cooking with sauces.
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#1 Lodge

If this is your virgin voyage into cast iron cooking, at $17.39 for a 12-inch skillet, this pan is an excellent investment. The coating is a little more textured than the average pan at the high-end range, but in general this pan does a solid job. The pan is pre-seasoned, has no synthetic chemicals and has lifetime durability.
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