11 Fancy Ways To Make Potatoes

We may have a particular penchant for French fries, but Americans just love potatoes in general. According to the USDA, the potato is far and away the most consumed vegetable in the United States. The potato has made its way into our hearts — and our favorite side dishes — but if your potato fixation goes no further than using them as a vehicle for ketchup, we have potato options that will add sophistication and flavor to your meal.

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Whether you enhance with cheese, cream, herbs, or artisanal sausage; whip, bake, sauté, or roast, the potato's versatility makes it the perfect dish to accompany any meal. Try the classic French duchess potato recipe alongside Pan-Roasted Salmon with Lemony Hollandaise or serve Chef Morimoto's Japanese-inspired twist on a potato soup as the first course at your next dinner party.

Whatever your potato desire, we have 11 fancy ways to make your potato dish pop at your next affair.

Butternut Sage Mashed Potatoesautumn in a bowlFor the Butternut Sage Mashed Potatoes, click here.

The richness of the butternut squash complements the potatoes perfectly. Plus, the orange and white swirls are beautiful and look just like ! — Julie Benz

Cheesy Scalloped Potatoesis pure comfort food

This , and so easy to make. You can assemble it on a Sunday night and then bake it on a busy Monday evening for a quick side dish. If you are making the casserole ahead, be sure to rinse the potatoes in cold water to prevent them from turning brown. — Beatrice Ojakangas

For the Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes, click here.

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