We've Found the Best Way to Clean a Cast-Iron Pan

This nifty contraption makes it easy to scrub that pan clean

You can also wear it into battle. 

Cleaning baked-on gunk off of a cast-iron pan has always been a tricky proposition. You can’t use soap or a heavy-duty scouring pad, because those will remove the precious seasoning that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. But try to use running water and a clean sponge, or any number of other techniques, and you’ll find yourself scrubbing and scraping, and still not getting it all clean. Well, here’s the solution: stainless steel chainmail.

Essentially a cloth made out of steel, this heavy duty scrubber really works like magic. While the pan is still warm, all you need to do is run it under warm water and give it a scrub. Scrub brushes and scrapers will only go so far, but this really works like a charm; we can say so from experience. After you’ve used it, all you need to do is rinse it with soap or put it in the dishwasher to clean it, then hang it to dry.


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