holiday ham

The 12 Best Recipes for Holiday Ham

Forget the Christmas turkey, this year make room for a big, meaty holiday roasted ham
holiday ham

Who doesn't love a good holiday ham?

Pork in any form is just plain delicious, and a fresh ham, which includes both white and dark meat, has some seriously robust meaty flavor. This section of the pig — the leg — has a lot of connective tissue that requires long cooking — about 20 minutes per pound to be exact — but as the fat and tissue melt with the heat you are left with tender and delicious meat.

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Unlocking the true potential of a holiday ham lies in the glaze: a sweet, slightly acidic mixture that reduces and thickens to generously coat the pork and penetrate deep within its scores. (Are you excited for leftovers yet?) Also, if you use a bone-in ham you’ll not only have better-flavored pork, you can also reuse the bone to reinforce soups and stock.


Ditch that “ham is boring” mindset immediately and go hog wild — revisit a classic holiday dish this season with these 12 recipes for holiday ham!