11 Snow-Themed Desserts


11 Snow-Themed Desserts

Find baking inspiration in the snowy winterscapes outside with these dusted, twinkling desserts

Winter can be cold and unbearable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dig your way out the winter blues with a good baking session.

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During the winter months you probably find yourself indoors more; however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. Baking is the perfect activity for the winter season. (Plus, there is the added perk of having a house that smells amazing!)

Use the wintry scene outside to get your creative juices flowing, and lucky for you there are so many amazing ingredients that look like snow! In order to achieve that perfect snowy appearance, simply add powdered sugar, white chocolate, shredded coconut, silver and white sprinkles, frosting, and more to your favorite sweet treats. You can even use snowflake-shaped cookie cutters and snowflake stencils on top of cakes to add a decorative design. The possibilities are endless when you’re using your imagination and creativity.

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For a little snowy inspiration, we have rounded up 11 snow-themed desserts that will make you happy it’s winter!

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11 Snow-Themed Desserts