11 Budget-Friendly, Time-Saving Tips for the Kitchen Slideshow

Throw a Fabulous, Yet Budget-Friendly Party


Entertaining at home doesn’t mean you have to drop wads of cash. In fact, a true budget-friendly party should be so fabulous that your guests won’t be able to tell how you saved big bucks. Some easy fixes: use Evites, avoid costly pre-made platters, use generic-label foods, and go BYOB for the booze. Click here for more cost-effective party tips.


Do BYOB-Style Potlucks

The women behind the popular Big Girls Small Kitchen blog share their party-hosting tips for when you face a small space — and budget. The key, they say: BYOB and potlucks. When everyone contributes, you can easily feed a party of six on tight finances. Click for more ways to entertain big with a small budget.


Thrifty Tips to Save Time and Money in the Kitchen

There's nothing worse than realizing you’ve thrown money down the drain, like when Tupperware is ruined by hard stains, or your potatoes have budded too early. Check out simple tips that will not only save your money, but also your precious time. Keep the PAM handy and find other ways to hold onto your dollars. Check out more solutions to save money.


Freeze Your Food

A simple way to cut down on food costs? Buy in bulk, and freeze the rest. But it’s not just frozen veggies that will keep money in your pocket. Fill up your freezer with surprising finds — butter, nuts, block cheese, even milk — that will keep your pantry stocked for months. Click for more foods to freeze.


Make Your Food Last Longer

You know the scenario all too well: you stock up on veggies, cheeses, dairy, and other goodies at the store and before you know it they’re bad and in the trash. What gives? You may not be doing enough to prevent your food from spoiling too soon. Investing in simple solutions, like baking soda, wrapping foil, and proper storage containers, will save you big bucks down the road. Click ahead for more tips.


Save Money During the Holiday Party Season

Spend your hard-earned dough on the presents, not the entertaining — holiday parties don’t have to break the bank. To save money, consider a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres party with a signature drink and trays of food instead of an expansive meal. Keep the décor — and menu — simple, and your festivities will be both cheery and budget-friendly. Click for more cheap holiday party ideas.


Quick Time-Saving Kitchen Methods

It’s no secret that time is money — so don’t waste it in the kitchen. Simple solutions to managing your time while cooking: buy pre-cut veggies, stock up your freezer with easy-to-defrost foods, and keep the fridge organized. Click for more time-saving methods.


Cook Faster at Home

An efficient chef is a money-saving chef; the best way to cook faster at home? Think like a restaurant chef. Plan out the menu before hitting the store for the week, prepare ingredients before cooking, and invest in tools to help cut back on time. Items like foil and a Microplane zester can keep your time — and budget — on track. Click for more tips on how to cook faster.


Make Your Breakfast in Advance

It only makes sense to plan ahead and cook up some early-morning breakfasts, but the best part — careful planning can help you save you money at the grocery store, and time when getting ready. And who doesn’t love waking up to a Strawberry Morning muffin or Cheddar and ham scone? Click for make-ahead breakfast recipes.


Make a Healthy Dinner in Less Than 30 Minutes

Another time-suck? Weeknight dinners. Instead of reaching for the takeout menu (think of the grease, and the extra cost!), check out recipes for meals cooked in 30 minutes or less. With options like baked spicy chicken and pan-seared pork chops, you’ll be begging to get out of work to make dinner. Click for 30-minute meals.

Make Meals Quick and Easy

More inspiration for time-saving recipes that won’t break the bank: butter lettuce with basil-lemon dressing, lemon-mint hummus, and fresh guacamole. It’ll be easy — and cheap — to start summer entertaining. Click for more quick and easy dinner ideas.