10 Fresh Fruit Salsa Recipes You'll Need This Summer

Pico de gallo,  salsa fresca, salsa picada, salsa Mexicana, or just plain salsa are all summer staples that we know and love — they end up at every picnic, cookout, and social gathering. Salsa's spicy and fresh taste is an all-around winner. Chopped raw tomatoes, lime juice, chiles onion, cilantro, and garlic make up the classic pico de gallo recipe.

10 Fresh Fruit Salsa Recipes You'll Need This Summer

But if you're looking for something a little milder for your next gathering, or even a little sweeter, then opt for a fresh fruit salsa. Why not use juicy ripe fruit every chance that you get? While you may know about classic fruit salsas like mango or strawberry, we have some unconventional flavored salsas that you'll love.   

Fruit salsas gain sweetness and acidity from the fruit, and they still have a kick from the chiles and onion. Serve your fruit salsa like you would any other — with chips — or, if you're having a more formal party, use these recipes to complement in dishes.

Fruit salsas work well with proteins, and they are also a delicious addition to salads. Add arugula and almonds to strawberry salsa and create a whole new healthy dish. You can also pair halibut with watermelon salsa for a light and refreshing dinner. The possibilities are endless with fresh fruit salsa. 

Grilled Pineapple Mango Salsa

Fruit salsa is delicious all on its own — a spicy and sweet dip that you cannot resist. But this recipe packs in extra flavor from the char on the grilled pineapples. 

Melon Salsa with Peaches

This recipe showcases some classic — and delicious — summer fruit. You can even add additional fruit to this recipe: try honeydew or cantaloupe.